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The white sausage breakfast has a real tradition in Regensburg. After all, the indispensable Händlmaier white sausage mustard has been at home here for over 100 years. Try a delicious wheat beer at the regulars’ table and of course there’s nothing better to accompany it than fresh Weisswurst!

However – making white sausages is no trifle, but also no rocket science. Together with an expert from the family butchery DEUTSCH, you learn to produce fresh sausages.

You will learn the recipe, weighing and cutting, as well as filling the meat in natural casings. The white sausages are then cooked and can be consumed on site with a pretzel, sweet Händlmaier mustard and a fresh wheat beer. Of course, the sausages can also be taken home (up to five pieces per participant).

Fotos: (c) Rainer Wittmann

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